About Robb Lightfoot

About the author: Robb Lightfoot has enjoyed writing and performing since he was a child, and many of his earliest performances earned him a special recognition-reserved seating in the principal's office at Highland Elementary. Since then, in addition to his weekly column on A News Cafe - "Or So it Seems(tm)" - Robb has written news and features for The Bakersfield Californian, appeared on stage as an opening stand-up act in Reno, and his writing has been published in the Funny Times. His short stories have won honorable mention national competition. His screenplay, "One Little Indian," Was a top-ten finalist in the Writer's Digest competition. Robb presently lives, writes and teaches in Shasta County, Northern California. His first book was The Doggone Christmas List. The Stupid Minivan is his second humor collection. He may be reached via US mail at Robb Lightfoot, PO Box 214, Palo Cedro, CA 96073.

I’ve Launched My Thesis Research!

It took weeks, but I’ve gotten the OK to do my thesis research. The questionnaire is brief–just five questions–but I hope to learn what people love most about the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. This is a chance to give something back to the people who truly helped launch my humor books, and an opportunity for me to master some of the complex pattern-recognition software that I’m using in my graduate program.

I’m focusing on the SFWC, and will be seeking participation with the #SFWC hashtag.

Here’s the link to the survey. Please do take 5 minutes, if you can, and fill it out if you’ve ever been a part of the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. 🙂


(note: the above is a secure link. But if you have any problems accessing it, you may also simply use the www.robblightfoot.com/thesis/survey to use it. 🙂


Latinas In Action – Awards Dinner & Fundraiser

Latinas In Action - photofestival to celebrate CSU Chico field school


Here’s a quick update on my graduate school activities.

I’m working on an awareness campaign to promote and help the Latinas In Action, a club on the CSU Chico campus dedicated to empowering young women and developing their leadership skills. Take a look at the Field School Photo Festival, www.fsphotofest.com, to get a look at their retreat.

If you can, I encourage you to support this dynamic and worthwhile group. Even if you don’t pledge on my IndieGoGo site http://bit.ly/LIA-Photofest-2018 .


#Humor Bookstore

Thinking Funny is proud to offer the following humor publications:

Print & eBook publications – Just click on the image to go to its Amazon page.


This is not a memoir, it’s a sorta-was, a collection of 25 humorous short stories that date back to the days of the “unsupervised sixties.” Problem Child takes you inside the hyperactive and somewhat Machiavellian mind of Robb Lightfoot, the kid who had his own special reserved seat in the principal’s office. He wasn’t looking for trouble, it just found him. He was president and sole member of Highland Elementary’s short-lived rock-throwing club, a chewing gum connoisseur, and woodshop survivor. Robb’s recollections are part truth and part tall tales. Learn why school is unlike Jeopardy! and why too much knowledge may be hazardous to your health. Some of these tales happened almost exactly as written, others are a combination of pranks, misunderstandings, and mishaps that have been combined. Still others are epic stories that have grown with each telling, and form a part of the Lightfoot’s family lore. A key point in these stories is that usually, Robb is trying to do the right thing and getting it all wrong. His allies are a patient principal, a tolerant mother, and neighbors who have their own quirks. The stories cover Robb’s grade school years, and include a cast of his friends. Just like in the TV Show Dragnet, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Problem Child is dedicated to the late Principal Tom Lewis, who eventually set up an extra desk in his outer office for Robb to take his time outs, reflect, and read. Author Robb Lightfoot went on to complete his studies and entered education as a profession. He now lives and writes in Northern California, and is a full-time, tenured college teacher. He owes a great deal of his success to the very patient faculty and staff at Highland Elementary in Oildale, California. So there is hope for hyperactive kids! They just need people to believe in them and, with kindness, hold them accountable.




Robb Lightfoot lives in the country and has been fighting a losing battle against home repairs, misbehaving dogs, and his four children. He hates his minivan, but loves his leftovers. In fact, he’ll eat them after they’ve turned green. He’s an expert on how to avoid lawn care—hint, become a soccer coach—and other important topics, such as the best way to scream when a bat is trapped in your tent. Robb was the first to reveal the connection between the Mayan extinction and their secret fruitcake recipe etched into the background of their famous calendars. These 23 tales, illustrated with appropriate and child-safe images, are offered here for the first time as a collection.





Forty-four humorous stories about country-living in Northern California. Learn how to sink a sailboat, return used merchandise with a straight face and pretend to be a wine snob. Lightfoot’s book is a collection of short, family-friendly humor about living in the country, having brain fade, rebooting a road trip, and trying to make your kids do their homework.