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Sinister Semyour, RL Stine and Me

Wrote a bit on nostalgia about my brother and me and our childhood passion for horror flicks. Look for it at

What a surprise…. got a response from Bob Stine.

Bob Stine drops into anewscafe










I thought it was a prank. Just the sort of thing my brother would do.

Bob Stine assures me he exists











Wow,  I thought. But then my brother wouldn’t give up easily. So I had to check

RL Bob Stine mentioned my story

Bob Stine’s Tweet







He even retweeted a story link. Sweet man. Twisted, but nice.

What I want to know is how it is that his links don’t get shortened by Creepy…. 🙂

By the way, a big thanks to my wife, Karin, for taking both pictures I used in this story. Including this one below.


Photo of JD and Robb

JD and Robb – See no evil – hear no screams










Now that I think about it… he may not have wanted to be seen in public with me. Thanks, Bro…. and happy 55th birthday.

Reading under the covers








Karin’s cover shot…

RL Stine – His success…. “It was a lucky accident.”

Keynote speaker RL Stine wows a packed house at Saturday’s San Francisco Writer’s Conference. His work in college, editing a humor magazine, prepared him for his dream to write funny stories for adults. But something unexpected, dare we say creepy, happened along the way.

Read my tweets @robblightfoot #sfwc13.

RL Stine on stage at the Mark Hopkins International

The speck on stage is a Goosebump… Author RL Stine