I’ve Launched My Thesis Research!

It took weeks, but I’ve gotten the OK to do my thesis research. The questionnaire is brief–just five questions–but I hope to learn what people love most about the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. This is a chance to give something back to the people who truly helped launch my humor books, and an opportunity for me to master some of the complex pattern-recognition software that I’m using in my graduate program.

I’m focusing on the SFWC, and will be seeking participation with the #SFWC hashtag.

Here’s the link to the survey. Please do take 5 minutes, if you can, and fill it out if you’ve ever been a part of the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. 🙂


(note: the above is a secure link. But if you have any problems accessing it, you may also simply use the www.robblightfoot.com/thesis/survey to use it. 🙂