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Proofreading Weekend – Problem Child polishing

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Hello all

I’m doing one more round of revisions this weekend, and I have download information for beta readers. The book has been out since December, but I wanted to polish and proof it  it prior to sending it off to the Thurber judges.

The information on downloads is below.

I wanted to give a shout out to my proofreaders, Barry Hilchey and especially Venkat Raman. I’ve been over this book numerous times, but it’s a truism that you are blind to your own errors.

Karin, too, has spotted glitches Thanks.

I wanted to show off my other current writing activity,

This logo was designed by my late brother, Jim, and it makes me smile every time I look at it. The website will feature bios of humorists, book reviews, articles on the history of humor and stand-up.

So, if you know of talented, upcoming comics and humorists, please let me know. I’d love to interview them. It also helps to give me their contact information.

Stay tuned.

Click here to my see my Smashwords book. You’ll need to select “buy, and then enter the freebie code –  SF82A.(note – this code expires soon).




Thurber #humor award countdown

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Good news.

I just checked with the Thurber House, the non-profit group that maintains the Thurber home, and sponsors the Thurber Award for humor. They tell me that my entry needs to be postmarked–not received–by April 1st.



I want to give a shout out to two beta readers who have already helped squash a bucket full of bugs.

Barry Hilchey and Venkat Raman have read several chapters early in the book. My thanks to them. Their proofing has helped me clean up some embarrassing typos! Thanks so much.

Update: The free download is now done, and the proofing in wrapped up. Additional thanks to friends Ken Lengel and Susan Crandell, both of whom found things that needed fixed. It’s amazing how many times something can be reviewed and still have gremlins. I think we’re good now, though.


Thanks to all, and wish me luck. The results won’t come out until September, and I’ve tried three times before to make it in the winner’s circle. Maybe the 4th time–with your help–will be the charm.




Thurber #Humor Award – My Entry

Illustration of Amanda Lightfoot-Wright by Amanda, all rights retained by the artist.

My Editor – Amanda Lightfoot-Wright

I wanted to thank my editor, Amanda Lightfoot-Wright, for doing a great job in getting my manuscript edited. She helped me spot inconsistencies, and had excellent developmental tips and continuity advice. I recommend her highly!

I had to release a Kindle version of the book back in December to meet a contest publication requirements, but it still needed some going over. Amanda did a great job. Next book, I want her to do some interior art, too. 🙂

So, I now have a much-improved version up, and I’m happy to share it out with beta readers. I’d like it to be as polished as I can manage by the contest deadline. I’ll be sending this out via my email list. If you’d like to help me give it one more going-over, looking for typos or glitches, I’m happy to send you a free ebook copy. Just get on my mailing list at my author website,, or email me at robb AT

I’ll get this right out to you and I need your feedback by March 26th.

Also, I’m currently working on the paper version, which will be available on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble, too. My goal is to have this book, my 4th, available in ebook outlets and bookstores.


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