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Dead Twitter Accounts

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I just de-tweeted my life.

Not entirely, but I’ve finally acted on that adage: “Simplicity is a virtue.” I’ve been told this more than once, and I’m finally starting to act.

I’m a slow study.

So, acting on the latest thinking of the social media gurus, I’ve buried several twitter accounts. I still have @robblightfoot, and kept my publishing business account @newmemedia, but others are now gone.

So, don’t look for me on @travel_your_path, @toolkittocreate, @RobbzNotes, @acomedycollege, and a few others.

I’m also trimming some stuff off Facebook. It’s a bit of a hassle to do this, but it’s a relief, too. There was that nagging feeling that they needed content, but I never quite getting over there.

So, hasta la vista, baby!

Likewise, I’m shutting down some of the websites on creativity and whatnot. I wasn’t servicing them with content enough to have them take off. What I’m going to do is to channel this content into this main blog here. I’ll tag and categorize it so that readers can focus on those topics that interest them most.

I’ll be posting all the oddball things here, rather than scattering them. You’ll see fun fact I gleaned from research.  Topics will range about a bit, but the core themes will be humor, travel, creativity, and writing tips.

Do give me feedback. I’m going to re-enable comments. I’ve hesitated to do this because so much SPAM and mischief can come through comments. They’ll require some maintenance, but they also will allow me to have some conversations directly on the blog. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say. 🙂

So, if you have saved old messages or emails from me, you may find that some of the link have died. No worries, I’m still here. If it’s for an article or information I posted, shoot me an email and I’ll get you another link or a document.

Thanks in advance for helping me improve the sight.

You can email me via robb AT

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I learned last weekend that I’M AMERICA’S NEWEST CYBER THREAT!

How do I know? Twitter was so kind to tell me when they suspended my account for “aggressive behavior.”


HELLO! I WAS FOLLOWING PEOPLE. That’s what you do on Twitter, right? In fact, most of the people I’d clicked on were one’s THEY’D RECOMMEDED!

How does one become a Twitter-stalker? In my case, I’d been looking under the #humor hashtag. Dozens of tweets popped up, and I began following the authors. As I did, other names popped up. Twitter suggested them and invited me to follow them.

So I did.

For every one I clicked, they offered another two or three. I was in a state of bliss. “Look at all these funny people I’m following!” I chuckled. “Why haven’t I done this before?”

A half hour passed…. And then my account froze up.

I got a terse line of text bathed in blue–the sort of cryptic warning I used to see on Windows 98.

“Your account has been suspended for violation of the Terms of Use.”

What? I wasn’t direct-messaging because sending unsolicited notes to people is a NO-NO. Likewise, I hadn’t over-Tweeted because I wanted to see what others had to say.


Once banished, the only thing I could do on Twitter was to go and peruse their Terms of Use. These make for FASCINATING reading.

Check them out.

You’ll learn that you CAN follow people in Twitter, just not that many.

You CAN send messages, just not that often.

You CAN use #hashtags, just not the wrong ones.

But, you ask, what is “too many,” “too often” or “the wrong ones?” They won’t say.  But violate Twitter’s vague rules, and you become a “Twit.” You’re sent to sit in the corner with a silicone dunce cap on your head. Any of your contacts that come looking for you during this detention get an ominous message:

“This account has been suspended.”

How charming—a digital “kick me” sign tacked to your butt.

Embarrassing? Yes.

Not only do the Terms of Use NOT tell you just how many people you can follow, but my emails, asking “What did I do wrong” were returned days later, via a stern form letter admonishing me not to “aggressively follow other users or risk permanent suspension.”

So I asked again. “But WHAT DID ID DO?” A while later, I got another form letter saying, I “violated Twitter’s terms of service.”

Once more I asked, “BUT HOW?”

Answer… and you’re probably way ahead of me on this: “By being aggressive.”

Kafka is alive, well, and working for Twitter.

The ironic part is that these automated responses also included a warning not to automate YOUR responses.

This experience reminds me of my adolescence when I longed to learn about females and their mysterious ways. Sharon was my first girlfriend, a petite redhead and the object of my rapt attention. But I hadn’t a clue how to proceed.  Where do you look—or touch—when sitting next to a girl? How much was too much? How fast is too fast. How high or low can you go?  Alas, Sharon had no instruction manual.

Photo of couple holding hands

So I sought advice from my older, more experienced classmates.

My buddy Chris offered tips that compared the “rules” of dating to baseball. He talked of his method of leading off and then stealing second base. He boasted of long afternoons of extra-innings.

I THOUGHT I KNEW what he meant, but I wasn’t about to be uncool and admit my ignorance. Worse yet, his rules seemed to apply to him but not to me.

As for Sharon, I was a nice guy and never really put any big moves on her. Partly because we were usually sitting in either the church youth group or her parents’ front room. So I never made MVP—instead, I was the “good boy” who was never shown the door.

I’d like to think I’m still the same, decent person.

And that’s why I found my electronic excommunication for violating the “Terms” so puzzling. When I got Twitter-slapped, I sulked. But then I decided to wise up to the ways of micro-blogging. I turned again to those with more experience, the Big Boys. I searched with the phrase “who has the most followers on Twitter,” and here’s what I found.

According to, Justin “As Long As You Love Me” Beiber is adored by more than 44 MILLION TWITTER FANS—just less than the head-count of Spain—and he’s GAINING 45,000 FOLLOWERS A DAY.

Clearly scads of people are playing follow-the-Beiber, and Twitter doesn’t seem to mind. This is good news. It means that you and 43,999,999 of your friends can follow me @RobbItSeems, and I won’t get in trouble.

But would you? After all, what got me into hot water was following.

To find out, I Googled the $64 million question: WHO IS FOLLOWING THE MOST PEOPLE ON TWITTER? Clearly, this person has to be worse than me, a real bad-apple and a menace to society? The answer surprised me….

It’s Barack Obama.

Mediabistro says our President uses Twitter to follow over 720,000 people—more than the populations of Vermont, Wyoming or Washington DC.

I’m assuming this number doesn’t count the people he follows with the NSA.

And how does Barack’s stats compare to the 700 folks I follow? I did the math, and Obama must have added them at more than my paltry 50 a day. In fact, at that rate, working five-days-a-week, and allowing time off for campaigning and Federal Holidays, it would take him 23,000 weeks, or roughly 460 years to get where he is today.

This doesn’t include days lost to account suspension.

So what’s the take-away here? Clearly, there are TWO sets of rules at, one for Beiber and Barack…  and another set for “aggressive” people like me.

But I’m not bitter. I’d just like to know what Twitter wants.  They’ve put me on notice, and that’s worrisome because I’m a decent guy.

Really, Twitter.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask Sharon.


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