Kyros 100 – Renamed Project

copyrighted image - logo of Kyros 100

I’m plugging away on a project that I’ve been working on for some time, but I’ve finally settled on a name: Kyros 100.

I don’t want to talk about the project itself all that much. I find that, often, I quit working on ideas if I talk about them too much. I seem to lose the “juice” of finding out, at the keyboard, what I’m puzzling out. Let me just say that this project is a series of interlocking stories that entails an entire “world” where things work a bit differently than they do in the one we all know.

So why bother teasing you with this? Well, it allows me to time-stamp this name and show my date of first-use of this name. The “birthday” of Kyros 100 will then be July 23, 2020, but, of course, it’s inception came some time back. I’ll get that information out once some of the stories-in-process take firmer shape.

Thanks to those friends, family, and fans who have been supportive of my writing. This project is a departure from much of my more recent work. I’m still aspiring to be playful, even silly, but there also will be elements of mystery and science fiction, too.

We’ll see how that plays out. 🙂

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