What the #SFWC19 Presenters Said – A Word Frequency Analysis

Image copyright, 2019, Robb Lightfoot – contact [email protected]

Thesis analysis of #SFWC19 presenter's words as seen from their publicly available handouts. Image copyrighted, 2019, by Robb Lightfoot - robb@robblightfoot.com

I’m plugging away with my thesis analysis, and here’s a word-frequency graph drawn from the publicly-available handouts provided by the #SFWC19 presenters. These sort of visual analysis often form the starting point of successive, deep, re-readings of the materials and can reveal trends not apparent in any one document.

But I LOVE THIS CHART! Look at the most prominent themes, drawn from more than 14 breakout periods with 5-8 sessions per. Writing! Community! Content! Change! and even Active! and, of of course, Author!

Kudos the SFWC leadership for their work. This tracks with what they say about themselves, COMMUNITY is the biggest word in my analysis of their narratives, drawn from a 45 minute video explaining what the SFWC is. So, what they say, what others say, and (from my initial results of a survey), it’s what the various attendees and volunteers say.

More to come, but I thought I’d share this. It’s taken me many hours, and more money than I care to admit, to get on top of this data and the specialized software needed to do this sort of analysis. My thanks to all, and in particular to my wife, who has been very supportive of a love of writing and my author-friends that borders on the obsessive. Well, OK, that crosses into obsessive and borders on being totally insane. 🙂

#SFWC19 – 5QuickQs – What worked?

First a huge THANK YOU to those who’ve already done the 5 min survey! But I’m still gathering feedback so I have a robust data set for the thesis.

If you can, please use this link to do the survey. 🙂 http://bit.ly/SFWC-5QuickQuestions

I’ll be giving the results to the SF Writer’s Conf to help them polish their gem. And, of course, it will help me cross the finish line to my master’s thesis.

Robb Lightfoot, www.thinkingfunny.com owner and humorist


I’ve Launched My Thesis Research!

It took weeks, but I’ve gotten the OK to do my thesis research. The questionnaire is brief–just five questions–but I hope to learn what people love most about the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. This is a chance to give something back to the people who truly helped launch my humor books, and an opportunity for me to master some of the complex pattern-recognition software that I’m using in my graduate program.

I’m focusing on the SFWC, and will be seeking participation with the #SFWC hashtag.

Here’s the link to the survey. Please do take 5 minutes, if you can, and fill it out if you’ve ever been a part of the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. 🙂


(note: the above is a secure link. But if you have any problems accessing it, you may also simply use the www.robblightfoot.com/thesis/survey to use it. 🙂