#SFWC 2020

Another year volunteering at the #SFWC, and I’m convinced that the new venue was an excellent choice. It’s so much easier to navigate for both volunteers lugging equipment about and for anyone with accessibility issues. Nice.

I was pleased, too, that the consulting and agent conversations moved from a noisy area to the quieter location in the Pacifica area. Gone is the echo chamber from last year!

But the best thing of all was being back among the various professionals and aspiring writers. My goal this year was to begin the process of finding an agent. I’m proud of the work I’ve done to date, and self-publishing was/is fun and great way to launch. But I’m at a point that I need to have other people helping me get the word out and freeing me to spend more time writing. I met several agents that seemed to be a good fit, and I’m going to put together proposals for them. The biggest challenge for me is (as always) to focus on a specific project and not be working on a dozen things at once. For now, that project will be a narrative non-fiction project, a biography. More on this later.

My thanks to all the organizers and volunteers at the #SFWC2020. You create opportunities and pathways to success. It’s an honor to work alongside you all.

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About the author: Robb Lightfoot is an author, educator, and humorist who has published more than seven books and is currently working on biographies of Wiley Post and Will Rogers. Robb has written news and features for The Bakersfield Californian, appeared on stage as an opening stand-up act in Reno, and his writing has been published in the Funny Times. His short stories have won honorable mentions, including the Erma Bombeck Humor writing competition.

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