Another View #SFWC – Web Pages Analysis

From Robb Lightfoot's thesis analysis, a look at the SFWC's public presence-web pages. A copyrighted image, 2019, by Robb Lightfoot.

Here’s another look at the San Francisco Writers Conference as seen through a word frequency analysis af all the publicly presented pages on their website, This includes all pages, contact information and media releases. It has a good deal of information from their recent event, #SFWC19. Notice how the theme of community jumps right out at you. Elsewhere, in my analysis, I spend almost 8 hours transcribing 45 minutes of a panel discussion to get a scripted narrative. I’ll be reviewing that for publication, soon. But I think there is a subtle difference here between what emerges in the “business of them being themselves” and what they say about themselves. Spoiler alert, it all seems to track. Their actions are aligned with their words. 🙂

Also, this aligns well with the earlier image of the presenters. Note: Even though the presenter information is on the web page, I excluded it from this data analysis.

I’ve Launched My Thesis Research!

It took weeks, but I’ve gotten the OK to do my thesis research. The questionnaire is brief–just five questions–but I hope to learn what people love most about the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. This is a chance to give something back to the people who truly helped launch my humor books, and an opportunity for me to master some of the complex pattern-recognition software that I’m using in my graduate program.

I’m focusing on the SFWC, and will be seeking participation with the #SFWC hashtag.

Here’s the link to the survey. Please do take 5 minutes, if you can, and fill it out if you’ve ever been a part of the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. 🙂

(note: the above is a secure link. But if you have any problems accessing it, you may also simply use the to use it. 🙂