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The Core Elements of Outstanding Writing Conferences and Retreats

This is a five-question survey, and it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

The goal is to identify best practices and possible areas of improvement for the San Francisco Writers' Conference as part of a graduate research project in event management.

The Core Elements of Outstanding Writing Conferences and Retreats

Informed Consent

The purpose of this research is to identify the elements of exceptional writing retreats and writing conferences. This is a research project conducted by Robb Lightfoot, a graduate student in the Recreation, Hospitality and Parks Administration program at California State University, Chico. You are invited to participate in this research because you are a participant in a writing conference/writing retreat.  

Your participation in this research study is voluntary. You may choose not to participate. If you decide to participate in this research survey you may withdraw at any time. If you decide not to participate in this study or if you withdrawal from participating at any time, you will not be penalized.

The procedure involves completing an electronic survey that may take approximately 5-10 minutes. Your response will be confidential, and we do not collect or retain identifying information such as your name, email address or IP address. The survey questions will be about what you see as the most important elements of a writing retreat/conference and how you have participated in a conference or a retreat.

There are no foreseeable risks associated with the study.

There may be benefits from this study. The study seeks to find what matters most to event organizers, presenters, and attendees, and any pertinent findings will be shared with those who ask and provides a means of providing follow-up. These findings also may be published in an academic or popular press. In any event, anonymity will be preserved as noted above.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the research study, please contact me via email and I will respond in a timely matter. My email address is robb@robblightfoot.com.

This research has been reviewed according to California State University, Chico IRB procedures for research involving human subjects. If you have any questions about your rights as a participant, you may contact the Human Subjects in Research Committee at 530-898-3145 or IRB@csuchico.edu

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Robb Lightfoot, Graduate Student

Event Management, CSU Chico


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There are 5 questions in this survey.
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