Spam Signups

Spam Signups Yesterday, 152 new users signed up on my website. Pretty impressive for a reboot that’s less than a month old. Only it’s not. You guessed it, spam-bots were having a field day. Now, new users on my blog only get subscriber status, but I’m no fool. There’s always the risk of a massive, […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

How many people have wanted to strangle you? Seriously. This occurred to me as I began mapping out the topics I’m going to cover in this blog. I can joke about some of the situations I’ve survived, but the truth is that I’ve managed to—without trying—really tax the patience of many of my family and […]

The Hyperactive Club

Welcome to the landing page of, aka The goal of this site is to offer support to people who are hyperactive, their friends and family, and to increase understanding of what it’s like to “live in their skin.” It can be challenging to be around hyperactive people, especially kids. But the reality is […]