Privacy Policy

This website does not collect, track, or share private data from casual visitors. .


That’s it. Pretty simple. You can visit and hang out, and be completely anonymous.

If you do want to become a supporter or are interested in Lightfoot’s work, we do offer an optional, opt-in email signup, and this is managed by a mail service that, each time you are sent an email, has an easy opt-out link. The only information retained is your email address and, in some cases, an expressed interest in certain kinds of writing, such as humor, as opposed to articles on public speaking or intercultural communication.

Another option is to create an account here on the blog. If you do create an account, we’ll have your email address. Comments made by you, if you choose to do so, will be public if they are approved. These will be retained and may be displayed for the life of the blog.

There also are options to be a paid subscriber and support the blog, which will give you access to premium, password-protected stories and works-in-progress. If you do this, we will collect and retain only the information required to complete the transaction and fulfill our obligations to you.

None of the above information will be sold or shared, unless compelled by law. You won’t be spammed or pestered by us.

Seriously. We hate junk calls, junk mail, junk texts, junk FAX. We don’t want to be “that guy.” Ever.

And if you want to communicate with us, outside of this blog, or offer comments, suggestions, and feedback, you can contact us via email at, on Twitter @robblightfoot or on Robb’s Facebook Author page.