Don’t you love it when something is both beautiful and functional? You know, the sort of thing that Steve Jobs would make, if he were still around. If you do, then you have an appreciation for fine design. Hang with me here at #lightfootdesign, and we’ll explore what makes for effective, function, and just plain […]

Better Teaching Online

Hello all! I’ve fired up a new topic-area because I’m hearing how many teachers are still struggling with teaching online. So, I’m going to offer up suggestions and how-to tips. For many years, I was a part of a my school’s lead faculty team that evaluated online teaching. I know it can work, but that […]

Happy 38th Anniversary, Karin!

Karin and I have been married 38 years today! To celebrate, I’m releasing free copies of my humor book, Potholes on Memory Lane, tales of midlife madness. Here’s the link, it’s free through June 24, 2020, . This is a collection of 30+ brief stories about the mid-life madness of the Lightfoot family, including […]