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You’re reached this page because you tried to access members-only content. You can contact if this is an error, or if you’d like access to this content. If this is a media-inquiry, then contact Robb with your credetials for access.

Below are the membership levels and benefits. You’ll need to create an account here and be logged in to have access to these stories. Contact robb if you have any issues setting up your account.

The easiest way to support robb and gain access is through his “Buy Me A Coffee” account by clicking hereFor as little as $5 a month, you can get access to his library of funny stories here and the two-or-more he’ll be writing each month.

Higher membership levels, $10 a month, will get you access to his exclusive acces, hidden videos of all sorts of cool things, including humor-conference video footage of humorists, travel-writers, standup comedians, songwriters, sitcom writers, and literary agents. You’ll also get video of how to selfpublish your work.

Finally, if you want to join Team Lightfoot, for $35 a month, you can have all the above and a seat at the table when Robb connects with his interview subjects or does a reading and deconstruction of how a particular story was written. If you are able to attend the live session, he’ll answer questions from those present. Membership at this level is presently limited to 25 people.

Author, educator, humorist, entrepreneur, astronaut - one of these isn't true. :)

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