Give Yourself the Gift of Confident Speaking

It’s that time when people are thinking about their New Year’s Resolution, and what better way to open the new year than to face down your fear and learn to enjoy public speaking!

It’s true that public speaking, as far as fear goes, tops the list, greater than the fear of death itself in many polls. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, you can do it, and I’m happy to help! For more than 30 years, I’ve been teaching and coaching public speaking, debate, literature-in-performance, and readers theater at the college level.

I’m available for both private and group instruction. Check out our workshops and teaching materials, too. My method is to encourage, affirm what’s working, and help you work though the barriers, both technical and emotional, that have held you back.

Here’s to making this next year a great one. Give yourself the gift of confidence, and in turn, you can share your gifts of wisdom and insight with audiences. Believe me, you do have a story to tell and there are people who will benefit from hearing it!

You can contact me in several ways: email is robb AT, Twitter @robblightfoot, or USPS at Robb Lightfoot, PO Box 11, Durham, CA 95938.

Don’t wait. Pick a date, and call me to check for availability. Current face-to-face coaching is doing via Zoom.

Author, educator, humorist, entrepreneur, astronaut - one of these isn't true. :)

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