Hyperactive-Humor – The Gift That Keeps Giving and Giving and Giving and Giving and…

Let my say up front that I’m here today, healthy and happy, because wonderful people were patient with the PIA kid that I was. Hyperactivity is hard, often, but properly directed, it can be a gift.


That’s the message of my “Problem Child” stories, and while they’re offered up in a playful, humorous manner, they ‘re underpinned with deep respect for the teachers and family members who took that extra effort to work with me.

I’m profoundly grateful.

So, check out my Problem Child book. It’s appropriate for parents and teachers who are struggling with “that kid” who lights up–or disrupts–their classroom.

It’s a matter of perspective.

Spend a while in the mind of a hyperactive kid, and you’ll find he’s not evil, just operating in a parallel universe.

Problem Child: The View From the Principal’s Office is a collection of stories, mostly-true tall tales, that see the world from a vantage point of that kid who had his own desk in the principal’s office.

This is a link to the Amazon print version, and there’s a less-expensive Kindle version, too. It’s also “out there” in other bookstores.

If you’re interested, I’m looking into offering autographed copies at local Chico businesses. Drop me a line at robb @ thinkingfunny.com, or via good old US PS, Robb Lightfoot, PO Box 11, Durham, CA, 95938.

But even if you don’t buy the book, drop me a line. Hyperactive kids do find their place in the world. Really, harried parents and teachers. It’s going to be OK!


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