Hyperactive-Humor – The Gift That Keeps Giving and Giving and Giving and Giving and…

Let my say up front that I’m here today, healthy and happy, because wonderful people were patient with the PIA kid that I was. Hyperactivity is hard, often, but properly directed, it can be a gift. Really. That’s the message of my “Problem Child” stories, and while they’re offered up in a playful, humorous manner, […]


It’s been a long time in coming, but I finally started a Patreon account. Funny, in a way, that I’ve waiting. I’ve encouraged a number of artists to use this tool. And here’s that link https://www.patreon.com/robblightfoot So why did I dawdle? Well, for one thing, I hate asking for money. I had to do this […]

Happy 38th Anniversary, Karin!

Karin and I have been married 38 years today! To celebrate, I’m releasing free copies of my humor book, Potholes on Memory Lane, tales of midlife madness. Here’s the link, it’s free through June 24, 2020, https://bit.ly/RobbzHumor . This is a collection of 30+ brief stories about the mid-life madness of the Lightfoot family, including […]


Welcome to the landing page of the “Or So It Seems” humor and mysteries series. These are funny, family-friendly stories about weird people doing stupid things. Or, maybe stupid people doing weird things. Or, maybe it’s both. Our motto is clipped from the Spy Museum, and its: “Not everything is as it appears.” Boy, is […]