Spy in trench coat that is the iconic image of mystery and intrigue.


Welcome to the landing page of the “Or So It Seems” humor and mysteries series. These are funny, family-friendly stories about weird people doing stupid things. Or, maybe stupid people doing weird things.

Or, maybe it’s both.

Our motto is clipped from the Spy Museum, and its: “Not everything is as it appears.” Boy, is that true.

If you’re interested in or origin of this series, check out this post about my family’s tradition of storytelling, odd humor, and exaggeration.

This series will be rolled out here on this blog, in password-protected bits. Please subscribe to get all the updates as they come out. We also have a free newsletter that will tease you about the offerings, and if you just want to wait, you can buy the books over at Amazon, as well as Robb and his family’s other books.

In any event, welcome to the blog! Please feel free to reach out with questions (but no spoiler-questions, sorry), or suggestions.

Our goal is to entertain, celebrate the quirky people of the world, inspire an extol the values of friendship, curiosity, and persistence in the face of those who would beat us down. In a small way, we want to lift your spirits and make this world a bit better.

Wish us well, and we’ll do the same for you. 🙂

Robb Lightfoot, June 11, 2020 (or as we say during the Pandemic, March 83rd….)


Author, educator, humorist, entrepreneur, astronaut - one of these isn't true. :)