Image of author and writing coach Ann Janzer

Kudos to Anne Janzer on Her Marketing Philosophy

Anne Janzer knows marketing, and she’s willing to share–for free–helpful advice.

I’m one of the lucky people who have met and chatted with Anne at previous San Francisco Writer’s Conference. I subscribe to her newsletter, and I read her blog. She, folks, is the real-deal when it comes to a knowledgeable writing coach. And more than just writing, she knows a great deal about the business of getting your books out there.

Check out her posting on the best advice she’d ever been given about marketing. I happened to be at the SFWC, too, when Guy Kawasaki shared his book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Janzer zeroes in on some of his most helpful advice that, really, constitutes a philosophy and a way-to-be-in the world. Her blog posting is a succinct take an this view, urging writers to be more trusting and generous, but also wise.

Once you’ve read her posting, I think you’ll want to get on her list too. Bookmark her blog, and buy one of her books. You won’t be sorry. And, with any luck, we’ll all be able to meet and say hello at the 2022 SFWC. Keep your fingers crossed, get vaccinated when you can, and wear a mask as long as the good Dr. Athony Fauci recommends.

Until then, keep writing!

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