Photo of our Long Beach campsite while being near family. Yes, the "Comedy" plates on my SUV are the real deal, not photoshopped.

Road Trip Update

Back home after weeks of living in a travel trailer, on the road, hundreds of miles from home. We did this to support a family member (I’m being vague to honor some confidentiality) who was critically ill. COVID kept us from being in the hospital, but we were on standby if anything blew up.

As it turns out, she was taken to the USC Keck Hospital (we had to move the trailer hours down the road to be there, too), and the net result was a harrowing but successful surgery.

Just sharing this as a joy, and to let my new Erma-friends know why, after being so eager to connect and share ideas/critiques, I’ve been occupied and not that available. Sorry. It’s amazing how much time is spent peering at your own poop moving through translucent tubes, and then watching YouTube videos of how to fix your broken watzit. (Death to the person who invented RV watzits!)

More material, but at what a cost. Karin, my wife, had to work remotely and burned through an entire month’s worth of data in a week. Then she started on mine. Yeah, RV parks have WiFi, but it’s very hit-and-miss, and not something you can depend on in the middle of an important Zoom meeting. ? (Yes, there is such a thing).

So, on to keeping in touch. I’m home.

But the weather in Long Beach was lovely.

And, yes, the “Comedy” plates are really on my car. No photoshopping. 🙂

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