Why I Love Design

Design rocks. It’s where science and engineering, cross pollinate with art–a G-rated way of putting it–and give birth to things that are beautiful and functional.

I’ve been fascinated with elegant designs since I was a child. I loved inventions and gadgets, but some things just seemed to be a mixture of elegance, fun, and functionality. These things just fit into your hand better and, once you saw them, made you wonder how anything that served that purpose could be done in any other way … until you saw an even better design.

But design is even more than just inventions. These days, premier schools offer so much more in their design curriculums that I’m just in awe.

For instance, check out this posting an the famous Rhode Island School of Design. It’s a touring exhibit of the house Rosa Parks lived in at the time of her famous act of civil disobedience against racist rules. The structure has historical significance, but it also brings up important meta-questions about the ethical treatment of historical artifacts and landmarks.

I encourage you check this out, and share your comments over at my Twitter feed, @robblightfoot. And, please, if you have cool design stuff, drop me a line at robb@lightfoot.design.


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