Spencer Vineyard Hipcamp

Karin and I finally got our new-used trailer on the road for a fun outing. Brief shout-out to the Spencer-Shirley Wines and their Vineyard-Hipcamp. Highly recommended. Beautiful views, peace and quiet, no crowds, great wine, engaging hosts. https://www.facebook.com/spencer.vineyard

We’re still getting the trailer dialed in, or more accurately, we’re learning about what it takes to operate a self-contained rig. Spoiler alert, I’ll soon be writing about the fine art of watching poop float through translucent tubes. Not to be missed? You be the judge.

Here’s some more photos of our walk-about-the-winery. Nice getaway in the time of COVID. It’s also a dog-friendly place. Not surprising, when one of their best wines is named after a beloved pooch.

Robb decides to stand in the weeds
Reason #1 for not standing in the weeds
Why Robb stood in the weeds… a stump? Or the fossilized remains of Disney’s Goofy?
Karin cooks in our Bobcat trailer
Karin cooks our first meal In our Bobcat trailer

Karin and I are still learning the ins and outs of RVing as, ah, grey-haired adults. Hipcamp is new to us, but has a lot to commend it. Prices are fair, and the venues seem smaller and more intimate, judging by the websites we’ve reviewed, than some of the commercial RV locations we’ve scouted. To quote my late brother-in-law, Keith Gilbertson, the people there are so numerous that they look like “ants on a Popsicle.”

Don’t need that in the age of COVID.

Drop me a line for your favorite #hipcamp location. I’d love to know, robbATrobblightfoot.com.


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Karin Lightfoot
July 12, 2020 at 12:23 pm

Gracious hosts, beautiful views, and wonderful wine.

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