Robb Lightfoot gets his first hookup - that is to say an RV hookup.

RV With Robb

The Lightfoots are off on a new adventure.

Since we can’t fly, we’re going to road trip it in a socially distant and determindly playful manner.

We’ll see how that plays out.

We’ve owned various recreational vehicles over the years ranging from a sleeps-six tent trailer–lots of fun to pull down the clogged freeways of San Jose–to a beater travel trailer that lived and more or less died at a western-style private time-share ranch in Hornbrook, CA. We even traveled a “great loop” around America in an unairconditioned VW Westy. Our family of six covered more than 11,000 miles in six weeks.

And not one person was strangled or abandoned on the roadside. We consider this quite an accomplishment.

But now that Karin and I are back on the road, we’re having to re-learn some of the lessons of trailer-dragging. I’ll be sharing that here, and tips on equipment, campgrounds, and locations worth visiting.

It may seem odd that our debut with our new-to-us trailer was a trip to beautiful downtown Bakersfield. But we wanted to be near family at a difficult time, and still be able to be safe during the pandemic, so the trailer became our COVID coach.

We hope to have more fun on our next outing.

But for now, check out the taglines #rvwithrobb and see what we’re up to. Join in the conversation on Twitter @robblightfoot or Facebook @LightfootAuthor.

Safe travels to you.

Author, educator, humorist, entrepreneur, astronaut - one of these isn't true. :)