Nickie's prize for humor writing call for entry and winners annouced date

Robb Wins Nickie’s Prize For Humor Writing

Tonight is the kickoff for the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, and I’m going to be one of the 20 people who won and getting a shout-out for my story.

Photo of Robb and his sister Pattina at the awards for the Nickie's Prize in Humor Writing

Awards Photo

As you can see, the theme was “Sister-Stories,” and my entry was about teaching my little sister to tie her shoes, or more precisely, the laces on her roller skates.

I’m attending the conference virtually–I was to fly in back in April–and it is my first time. There’s more than 30 humor sessions, and I was so looking forward to meeting in person many of the people who make me laugh. I’m a humor junkies, and so I have followed the careers of many of the presenters.

It’s still possible to register, and the price was reduced to $199. They opened up the conference from it’s previous limit of 400. I managed to snag a slot back in December 2019, and the bi-annual conference sells out in hours. Here’s the link to the University of Dayton’s event page, and here’s a link to their Facebook Page, which has more timely information about the goings-on at the conference.

It’s a thrill to be doing this, and tomorrow night, Friday the 30th, I’ll be “on stage” as one of their stand-up acts. Saturday, I’m on the short list to pitch my humor books to an agent. In all, a great time. Still, I wish I were there in Dayton (how often does anyone utter that phrase…). I am glad that they decided to go virtual, and it’s handy that I can come back and watch those sessions I couldn’t, or chose not to, attend. Can you believe it, the Friday/Saturday sessions start at 6 am PDT. Yikes.

So, I’ll see if I can get a clip of me on stage to share. I don’t really expect anyone to pay the conference fee just to see me. But wish me luck. The format is ridiculously tight – 2 minutes. Consider the average person speaks at about 120 words a minute, that’s a mere 240 words.

Crazy, but then no one ever accused me of being normal.


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Stephen Concklin
October 29, 2020 at 10:53 am

Thanks for sharing, Robb. Congratulations. Pleasure to know you. Stephen

November 2, 2020 at 1:07 pm

Thanks, Stephen. Great to hear from you! Hope you and yours are safe and well during the pandemic. Hard time to “be funny,” but all the more necessary, I think. Keep in touch.

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