Why I Love Design

Design rocks. It’s where science and engineering, cross pollinate with art–a G-rated way of putting it–and give birth to things that are beautiful and functional. I’ve been fascinated with elegant designs since I was a child. I loved inventions and gadgets, but some things just seemed to be a mixture of elegance, fun, and functionality. […]

Judy Carter Signs On For ThinkingFunny21

I’m thrilled to announce that long-time stand-up comedy expert, Judy Carter, will be helping us out! Register here. Carter has written a number of books on stand up, including Stand-up Comedy-The Book, her most recent work is an overhaul of her 20-year bestseller, The Comedy Bible. She’ll be with us for a session, but if […]

Hyperactive-Humor – The Gift That Keeps Giving and Giving and Giving and Giving and…

Let my say up front that I’m here today, healthy and happy, because wonderful people were patient with the PIA kid that I was. Hyperactivity is hard, often, but properly directed, it can be a gift. Really. That’s the message of my “Problem Child” stories, and while they’re offered up in a playful, humorous manner, […]